A Personal note...

About me...

My interest in the therapeutic helping professions started around 2011. As a qualified massage therapist I provided voluntary massage services for Macmillan at The Delamere Centre in Halton Hospital for several years. People would often discuss their problems or reflect on their life during massage. It was not always easy to engage as fully as I'd like with talking therapy and I'd also been through some ups and downs of my own. 

So I started training in counselling, completing my level 2, level 3, and then my foundation degree. I finally qualified and started practicing in summer 2017. Like many other counsellors, I discovered areas of work that really struck a chord with me and I felt as though I was more helpful in these areas. One of these areas is relationship counselling. So I made the effort and applied myself in this area of work, taking two more couples counselling courses and doing lots of private research. I am now able to offer relationship counselling for both individuals and couples, but you can also contact me about all sorts of other issues too.

I am absolutely passionate about helping people to become freer, more authentic, more aware, more content versions of themselves. 

"When they let go of the people they thought they were supposed to be they light up! Now they can be curious, and when they are curious the world opens up."              - Jane Langton

I work from my home address in Runcorn, Cheshire and can be contacted directly by phone or text on 07528413346 or by email on [email protected]