Couples Relationship Counselling


During and following my training as a counsellor I have taken a particular interest in how different relationships work and what the ingredients are to a satisfying relationship. In addition to my degree I have also completed two couples counselling courses and can explore freely and openly with you matters that affect your relationships. Things like

  • Effective communication,
  • Dealing with the revelation of an affair
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Passion and desire, and how they vary throughout the relationship
  • The effects that children can have on a relationship
  • Family influences
  • Facing up to and dealing with marital boredom
  •  Keeping your sex-life exciting in long term relationships
  •  Unexpected life-changes
  •  Meeting each others needs
  •  Compatibility
  •  Compromise and red lines
  • Your individual identity and your identity as a couple.
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Unspoken expectations of how this thing works
  • Keeping secrets

Couples who come for counselling should be committed in their desire for assistance and their willingness to talk openly. Usually, one partner will initiate the conversation about counselling and make the move to seek a counsellor. The other partner may not feel as strongly as the initiating partner, but as long as they are willing to explore their issues and fully engage in the process then that’s okay. If a partner feels unduly pressured or coerced into going for counselling just to placate their partner, then they are less likely to engage in the process and therefore counselling is less likely to be productive. If you are thinking about relationship counselling it is vital that you at least get your partner on board with the idea rather than driving them against their will. I have discovered that most couples find the traditional one hour session offered by most counsellors to be way too short, preferring two hour sessions instead. Likewise, from my experience, I have observed that sessions lasting two hours are far more productive than one hour sessions.

With this in mind I offer the following two different counselling formats, so please take a few moments to consider which options you think suits your needs best:

Multiple Session Counselling for couples. Couples are asked to commit to a minimum of three sessions lasting 2hours a sessions. At the end of the third session we assess how counselling is going and whether there are still outstanding issues or more things you’d like to look into. We can then continue one session at a time until you feel you’ve made the progress you're looking for.

Single Session Counselling for couples. A single two hour session where we spend part of the session exploring the issue at hand, and part of the session exploring what changes you may wish to make moving forward. This is suitable for last minute crisis counselling or couples who require a much more direct approach regarding a single issue.


2 hour sessions £90 each (3-session agreement £270)

Single session counselling 2 hours £90